About us and Hvalsoe Sawmill

The sawmill was established in 1935 and taken over by the Nyrop-Larsen family in 1994, after which a major modernisation was begun. Hvalsoe Sawmill is currently one of Denmark’s largest and most modern hardwood sawmills.

We are located in Hvalsoe in Central Zealand and export wood all over the world.

We buy logs from forests in Zealand, which are cut into planks that are oven-dried to a humidity of 8 -10% in our own specially built drying rooms. Our wood is what, in the trade, is termed, “furniture dry”.

We primarily cut beech and are, in all modesty, world renowned for our vacuum-dried white beech and maple, which is sold to the furniture industry both in Denmark and abroad.

We also produce lightly steamed beech, which is particularly recognised for its very uniform reddish colour, due to our steam and drying technique.

As a supplement to the Danish wood, we also sell planks and terrace decking in African wood types.
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    20 countries
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  • Furniture moisture
    8-10% m.c


Hvalsoe Sawmill A/S
Bentsensvej 4,
DK-4330 Hvalsoe, Denmark

Phone: +45 46461616
Mail: planker@sawmill.dk