Danish Beech lumber

We are the major beech sawmill in Denmark, exporting around the world as per customers’ requirements. We are known for our high and regular quality. Also, our lumber is well dry to 8% +/- 2 so called “furniture dry” and ready for further processing. 

We target importers in the following segments:







To ensure high lumber standard, it all starts in the forest where we select the best materials. All logs are inspected and carefully selected by our own log inspectors. Hereafter we bring the logs to our log yard to cut into straight pieces from 2.5m up to 4.6m for the sawmill to make straight planks in several grades as per customers order.

We basically do two products: unedged lumber and/or square edged.  

We have two drying methods:

Our signature drying method and Conventionally drying
  1. Regular uniform light steaming and hence drying in the same chamber to optimize energy efficiency. The beech planks are then dried in two different processes down to approx. 8% moisture content according to customer’s requirements. Most Beech in Europe is being steamed in order to have a uniform reddish color. 
  2. We have successfully developed our Vacuum dried Beech with excellent white uniform color and quality – guarantee without sticker marks – which we are known for worldwide.
    The clean A graded planks are dried in one of our two autoclaves (vacuum dryer) and the wood gets an incredibly nice, homogeneous white color.
    Highly appreciated by customers requesting light (white) color. Vacuum dried Beech is NOT to be compared with unsteamed Beech which is often grey color or bicolor whereas our vacuum dried beech is really white color.

After drying the lumber, it will be either:

  1. square edged 2 sides and graded in 4 sides clear or B grade (allowing few defects, approx. one small knot per running meter, many planks only have one knot in total)
  2. unedged. Selected in AB grade straight planks and without major splits.
Both products are offered in two grades: A) without any red heart, B) redheart allowed.

Hence, we folie packs all bundles to protect against moisture and dust before export.

When we stuff the containers, we check the moisture once more for each pack before shipping to ensure the moisture levels are correct. 


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