The Danish Hardwood sawmill

We at Hvalsoe Sawmill A/S located in the middle of Zealand, were originally started in 1935 by Svend Andersen. In 1994, Fam. Nyrop-Larsen bought the sawmill, which then started a thorough modernization of the plant with a large investment program in new equipment. Most recently in 2018, investments were made in new state-of-the-art drying rooms as well as fully automatic debarking and root reduction so that the sawmill could implement further efficiency and reduction of our CO2 emissions. Today, the sawmill is one of Denmark’s most modern and efficient hardwood sawmills, which we are all proud to work at.

Controlling the processors:

we only buy directly from the forests and are out and about / select every single log to ensure that the wood lives up to our high quality requirements and is in constant dialogue with the forest about sustainability.

The tree is driven the short trip home to our yard and cut to lengths based on their straightness. The more streight, the longer log we can make for the sawmill.

The shortened logs are placed in the sawmill for cutting in many different qualities according to the customer’s wishes.


Hvalsoe Sawmill A/S
Bentsensvej 4,
DK-4330 Hvalsoe, Denmark

Phone: +45 46461616