Beech logs

From our incoming logs we select veneer logs for slicing or peeling.

Veneer logs for slicing

4 sides clean and free of any defects, straight logs, free of any black spots/discoloration and free of any major splits. Can also be used for white veneers which require high quality and guarantee free of any discoloration with fresh logs.

Length as per customers option or standard 2.70 to 3.20m/multiples. Before stuffing the containers, we treat all logs with anti-stain, and lock the valves in the contain er to prevent fungus to grow and avoid stain.

We sell 50 cm and up with minimum 40% in 60 cm and up.

Danish Beech logs has a high reputation for its straight and unform white color which is highly appreciated by the slicing manufactures.

Veneer logs for peeling.

We select big, straight logs with center heart and without splits in 60 cm and above, color defects allowed. Length available from 4.0m and longer. Perfect product for peeling.

Danish Beech is very suitable for peeling as more tough compared to other origins and requested for special purposes.


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